Thor: The Dark World Trailer + Poster

Thor: The Dark World

While we were wrapped up in Fan Expo stuff the next Marvel film got a new poster and a new trailer. Let’s take a look after the jump…

First the trailer:

So this looks like it’s going to look amazing, which is reassuring. The original Thor had a bit of … fakeness about it’s look and this appears to have done away with that.

Second, yay for Natalie Portman. Also, Sif looking a little jealous. I betcha that subplot is more than slightly predictable.

Third, We get to hear Christopher Eccleston but not see him yet? Boooooo.

Fourth, Loki is back. Wooooo! He’s been one of the best parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. Looks like he might get his redemption on in this one. Might be slightly predictable.

Fifth, I really hope that director Alan Taylor does as well with this has he did with his episodes of Game of Thrones. The man has talent and he’s directed a lot of good TV. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Beyond these few reactions the trailer doesn’t actually show us much, but it looks like there’ll be some good action and it’ll look amazing so I’m officially getting excited. It does look like at least some of it might be pretty predictable, however if pulled off well that’s not entirely a bad thing.

My main curiosity? So we know that the Dark Elves show up to be the bad guys. Does Thanos send them or release them or whatever? Also, does that mean that Loki is around just so he can have that moment of “I know what’s coming”? And will he get to tell us or will he perish/get kidnapped after only getting a vague warning in? Basically, I’m wondering about the connections between films in Marvel Phase 2. So much to speculate about!!

And here’s the poster which is pretty generic.

Thor: The Dark World Poster

There’s not much to go on here, but the movie isn’t due out till the fall so I expect to see longer trailers and better posters as the year goes on.

What do you guys think so far??