Review: Draft Day

Draft Day

Sports movies often have a bit of a stigma in that if you make a football movie then while football fans will probably want to see it there’s no guarantee that anyone else will. The best sports movies get around this by doing something pretty clever: not really being about sports.

Draft Day is one of these. It’s a well put together drama with a great cast doing what they do best in a movie that happens to be set in the office of an NFL football team.

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Dallas Buyers Club Trailer: Matthew McConaughey Is On A Streak

Matthew McConaughey Dallas Buyers Club

Matthew McConaughey is on a hot streak. He went through a patch of shitty movies there for a while but he’s been nothing less than great in every movie he’s done since last year. Looks like that streak is going to continue this year too, he’s already had a good turn in _Mud_ and looks like he might be great in _The Wolf of Wall Street_, and now he’s pulled a Christian Bale and lost all of his weight for Dallas Buyers Club in which he plays a cowboy diagnosed with HIV in the early days of the disease. Let’s check out the trailer.

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