Dallas Buyers Club Trailer: Matthew McConaughey Is On A Streak

Matthew McConaughey Dallas Buyers Club

Matthew McConaughey is on a hot streak. He went through a patch of shitty movies there for a while but he’s been nothing less than great in every movie he’s done since last year. Looks like that streak is going to continue this year too, he’s already had a good turn in _Mud_ and looks like he might be great in _The Wolf of Wall Street_, and now he’s pulled a Christian Bale and lost all of his weight for Dallas Buyers Club in which he plays a cowboy diagnosed with HIV in the early days of the disease. Let’s check out the trailer.

Yeah, so it looks like it might be kind of amazing if only for his performance. I don’t know what actually spurred him to do so but it’s been kind of awesome to see him dive head first into _acting_ over the last year or two rather than just diving into paycheck movies that rely on his good looks and charm. Whatever it was, it’s a good thing and if he continues this way he’s sure to take home an award or three in the future.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: No, that’s not movie magic. He really did thin down to ~130 pounds or so for the part.

What do you guys think?

Dallas Buyers Club is in theatres on 1st November.