‘Flatliners’ trailer + poster: Ellen Page explores the Afterlife

Remember the early 90s Joel Schumacher directed thriller **Flatliners**, in which a group of young up-and-coming actors played a group of medical students who killed themselves to explore the afterlife? Well, it’s the late twenty-teens now so that means it’s due for an update.

This looks a lot like a reboot. A reboot makes the most sense since this looks like exactly the same story as the original. Kiefer Sutherland is apparently in this though, so maybe it’s a sequel? A sequel would be dumb though since everyone should have learned not to flatline in the 90s. Who knows though, maybe Sutherland is playing a ghost from the kids past who haunts them or something.

To be fair the cast here is pretty good. Ellen Page has done solid work her entire career, Diego Luna is coming off a fantastic turn in **Rogue One**, Nina Dobrev was great in **XXX: The Return of Xander Cage**, Kiersey Clemons … look, I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t seen her in much, but James Norton has been in a bunch of British TV (check out Happy Valley if you want to see him play a total creep).

All in all I think this looks pretty ok. Not quite summer material but solid autumn “I need to get out of this rain” type watching. Which works out well since **Flatliners** comes out September 29th. Here’s the poster, too: