Bubbles, the movie about Michael Jackson’s Chimpanzee friend, is headed to Netflix.

Netflix continues it’s shopping spree for weird movies. Today they bought **Bubbles**, which is a movie about Michael Jackson. But wait, it gets better:

The movie isn’t just about Michael Jackson, it’s about Michael Jackson from the point of view of his chimp, Bubbles.

But wait, it gets better: It’s stop motion animated. Yes, a stop motion animated film about a chimp who lives with Michael Jackson. But _wait_, it gets _better_: it’s being co-directed by Mark Gustafson (the animation director of **Fantastic Mr. Fox**) and Taika Waititi (who wrote and directed **What We Do In The Shadows** and **Hunt for the Wilderpeople**).

This sounds weird and awesome and I can watch it on my sofa. Pretty great news all around.

(source: [Deadline](http://deadline.com/2017/05/bubbles-michael-jackson-chimpanzee-movie-netflix-cannes-film-festival-1202096715/))