First ‘Hateful Eight’ Confirms The Movie Is Actually Happening

The Hateful Eight

Tarantino’s On-Again-Off-Again project is back on again and it has a pretty awesome poster.

This poster debuted in the latest issue of [Empire](

The Hateful Eight

There’s no mention of cast (which is reported to include Samuel L Jackson, Michael Madsen, Kurt Russell, and Bruce Dern) but the basic plot setup is that a stagecoach is waylaid by a blizzard and the 8 people stuck together are all bad guys. Bounty hunters and murders and so on.

It’s a premise I can get behind, especially from as unique a director as Tarantino.

The poster also promises the film will be shown in 70mm CinemaScope which is awesome because film is awesome.

What the poster doesn’t have is a release date other than “2015” but if he shoots later this year or early next that would put the movie out around Christmas which is prime Oscar season so that all makes complete sense.