The November Man Trailer: No Room For Love In This Life

The November Man

Pierce Brosnan as an older spy/assassin training a young spy/assassin and they both get caught up in some international intrigue. Let’s watch!

The trailer doesn’t give a lot of plot (a refreshing change!) but it looks like Pierce trains a protegé and then has to square off against the protegé? I think? Either way there are lots of manly men walking away from explosions so you know that they are manly, that’s something.

I kind of like that this looks a bit … somber. Most spy movies these days are big bombastic things and when they’re fun they’re fun but I long for a good character piece (even if it might be the same sort of character I’ve seen before).

The November Man is out 27th August in the US, hopefully the same in Canada. Olga Kurylenko and Luke Bracey also star. Roger Donaldson directed.

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