Awesome: Pacific Rim 2 Officially Confirmed for 2017 With Animated Series To Come First

Pacific Rim

More awesome giant robots punching giant monsters in the face on the big screen _and_ the small screen. Awesome.

Here’s the announcement from Guillermo del Toro himself on the Legendary Pictures YouTube channel.

17 April 2017 is the official release date [according to Buzzfeed]( and that date can’t really come soon enough. Pacific Rim was one of our favourite movies of 2013 and I can’t wait to see where Guillermo del Toro will go with the concept next.

Since the release is nearly 3 years away that gives del Toro and writers Zack Penn and Travis Beacham to figure out what they want to do and to do it. del Toro has said that making Pacific Rim was one of the most creatively satisfying experiences of his career so I really can’t wait to see him pour his all back into that world.

In the mean time we’ll also be getting an animated television series set in the same universe. No word on whether it’s a sequel or a prequel or any of that but if you’re going to do a series animation seems like it might be the way to go. I’d love a live action series but let’s be honest here: the budget would limit it pretty severely, a limitation that animation doesn’t share.

So all in all a lot of good news all in one short announcement. Now, is it 2017 yet?