Awesome: Shane Black Taking Over Predator Franchise

Shane Black

A good director taking over a franchise he’s already a part of.

Shane Black is directing the next Predator film written by his friend Fed Dekker (Black and Dekker, heh). Black will write the treatment, Dekker will write the script. It was first reported that it would be a reboot but a subsequent interview reveals that it’s going to be a sequel.

This is pretty great news if you ask me. If you’re a fan of Shane Blacks work (as I am) then you’ll agree, if you’re not (as Simon is) then maybe not so much, but I’m generally in favour of given directors with distinct style and voice the chance to do something big and splashy. Black owned _Iron Man Three_, now he gets to do Predator.

Black was actually in the original film (see the photo above), They wanted him to polish the script and they gave him a part to sweeten the deal/get him on set. Apparently he didn’t do the polish but his lines in that movie are some of the more memorable.

Here’s hoping they have something new and interesting to bring to the franchise. I’ve seen a lot of predator movies and they’re all kinda the same. At the very least I look forward to seeing how Christmas is worked into the story.

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