New Batmobile And Batsuit Revealed

Man of Steel Batmobile

Zack Snyder shows us the goods and they’re actually pretty good.

Here’s the tweet:

I actually really like this. I like the not-plate armor look of the suit, I like the short horns on the cowl (very Dark Knight Returns), and if you look closely the utility belt is chunky and awesome, and I like the batmobile looking more like Tim Burton’s original movie version. I also like that he shot it with a nice camera and not his phone.

The look of these things has never been my problem with Zack Snyder’s movies though (whether I loved or hated them). I’m sure that everything in the movie will look pretty awesome but if it’s a good movie remains to be seen.

Here’s a larger version of the image.
Batmobile / Batsuit / Man of Steel 2

_Man of Steel 2_ (this is a Superman movie, remember) is out 6 May 2016.