Watch This: [the films of] Series by Kees van Dijkhuizen Jr

[the films of]

It’s come to my attention that many of you haven’t seen the [the films of] series of videos I mentioned yesterday when I posted about the _[Insight: Derek Cianfrance]( video. This is something that needs to be corrected, so here is a playlist of the entire series.

Released over the course of 2011 each video profiles a different director and manages to distill that directors voice into something pretty special. The entire playlist is around 35 minutes long so set aside some time and watch the whole thing. It’s pretty amazing.

The full list of directors is:

* Sofia Coppola
* Danny Boyle
* David Fincher
* Wes Anderson
* Baz Luhrmann
* Michel Gondry
* Pixar Animation Studios
* Guy Ritchie
* Ridley Scott
* Tim Burton
* Christopher Nolan
* Steven Spielberg

I sincerely wish that this series had kept going, would love to have see Martin Scorsese’s movies get the treatment, for example.

You can check out more of Mr. van Dijkhuizen’s work at [his website](, and do that because he’s done some pretty awesome work.