Some Velvet Morning Trailer: Stanley Tucci and Alice Eve Have A Complicated Relationship

Some Velvet Morning

Stanley Tucci and Alice Eve are both talented actors and in this new film from Niel LaBute it looks like they basically get to have a 2 hour long argument. I’m down with that. Let’s watch!

The basic premise is that years ago he and she were lovers but he was married. Now he’s shown up on her door saying he’s left his wife finally but she rejects this advance and he gets a little, uh, obsessed.

The film has already had positive reviews from it’s TriBecca film fest debut and word is that the performances are great but it’s hard to like. [ called it]( “a horror movie with no bloood” for example.

That’s ok by me though, I just love watching great actors do their thing.

_Some Velvet Morning_ hits Video on Demand on 10 December and theatres on the 13th.