Review: ‘On The Rocks’ has Bill Murray and Rashida Jones exploring how the comfort of a relationship can sometimes be the problem

On The Rocks

Every relationship has that point where you are so comfortable that you become uncomfortable. In these moments we can either behave rationally, or we can freak out, or we can do anything in between.

With On The Rocks, Sophia Coppola tells a story about a successful Manhattan couple who have reached this point, where despite all their success and comfort, something doesn’t feel quite right. Rashida Jones plays Laura, a successful author and mother of two who is stuck in this rut but. She begins to think there is more going on when her husband Dean (Marlon Wayans) stumbles home from a work trip one night and begins a passionate embrace, only to then seem like maybe she was someone else.

Her suspicions are not without cause, her father Felix (Bill Murray) cheated on her mother and in later life has become a serial philanderer. Laura can’t help wondering if every man is like her father. Felix assumes that every man is exactly like him, and so the adventure begins.

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Watch This: [the films of] Series by Kees van Dijkhuizen Jr

[the films of]

It’s come to my attention that many of you haven’t seen the [the films of] series of videos I mentioned yesterday when I posted about the Insight: Derek Cianfrance video. This is something that needs to be corrected, so here is a playlist of the entire series.

Released over the course of 2011 each video profiles a different director and manages to distill that directors voice into something pretty special. The entire playlist is around 35 minutes long so set aside some time and watch the whole thing. It’s pretty amazing.

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Trailer: The Bling Ring

The Bling Ring

You know what? I didn’t recognize Emma Watson the first time I watched this.

This trailer doesn’t so much, but it does show enough. The Bling Ring was a real thing. A group of young people tracked celebrities whereabouts online and then robbed their houses. Over the course of nearly a year they snatched nearly 3$ million worth.

Kind of a smart plan really, and make you never want to check in on Facebook or Yelp or FourSquare ever again. But then again, the cops caught up with them.

This trailer mostly shows the crew living to excess off their ill gotten gains (side note, I don’t care what anyone says about ‘booty’ or ‘swag’, ill gotten gains is still by far the coolest way to say “stolen goods”) set to awesome party music with only real hints of the police being on their tail. Also, this films looks very much like a Sofia Coppola film. She does have a style, doesn’t she?