Brick Mansions Trailer: Paul Walker Stars in District B13

Brick Mansions

Did you see the 2004 French action movie District B13? Well Hollywood did and now we have an English language remake starring Paul Walker. Let’s take a look at the trailer.

District B13 was actually a pretty great movie so it’s not hard to understand why they’ve remade it even if it does seem a bit needless. The setting and language have changed here but otherwise this appears to be basically a straight up remake though, which irks me a little. I hope they’ve adapted the film more than just done a shot for shot remake.

Also interesting: David Belle doesn’t speak in the trailer. I wonder if that’s because of his thick French accent?

Also, I like Paul Walker but I’m not convinced that he could replace Cyril Raffaelli, the man who played his role in the original, because Cyril Raffaelli is one of France’s premiere martial artist and stuntmen. Unless Paul Walker is a whole lot more bad ass than I ever thought, which would be cool.

Either way, I hope the film is good. And by “good” I mean “has parkour and fight scenes at least as good as the original”.

Brick Mansions is out 25th April

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