Review: Brick Mansions

Brick Mansions

District B13 is one of those movies: a foreign-made film with just the right combination of factors working in its favour that it managed to cross over and do a bit of business here in North America and because of that an American remake was inevitable. If I’m surprised by any of this coming true it’s only that it took so long to happen.

Brick Mansions is trying to do two things. First it’s trying to recreate some of the most iconic moments from the original verbatim, but it’s also trying to do its own thing and tell its own story which is a good thing. Does it work though? Well… no. Not really. Which is disappointing.

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Podcast Episode 64: April Catch Up and Fan Expo 2014!

Awesome Friday

It’s been a month since we last recorded so there’s a lot to talk about! We’re going to talk about games including Hotline Miami, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero, and Trials! We’re going to talk about movies including The Raid 2, Draft Day, Transcendence, Noah, American Hustle, and Brick Mansions! Last but not least we talk about last weekend’s Fan Expo Vancouver 2014!

This episode is 90 minutes long so let’s get started!

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Podcast Episode 63: Catch Up Episode!

Awesome Friday

This week on a very special Awesome Friday Podcast we’re playing catchup. We haven’t recorded an episode in several weeks so we’re discussing The Oscars, The games _Luft Rousers_, _Gang Beasts_, and _South Park: The Stick of Truth_ as well as some discussion of the PS Vita, movie news about the District B13 Remake _Brick Mansions_ and the _The Incredibles_ remake, the films _300: Rise of an Empire_, _The Grand Budapest Hotel_, and _Divergent_.

It’s a lot to get through in 80 minutes so let’s get going!

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