A Million Ways To Die In The West Red Band Trailer: People Die At The Fair

A Million Ways To Die In The West

Hot on the heels of [all the character posters](https://awesomefriday.ca/2014/01/character-posters-for-seth-mcfarlanes-a-million-ways-to-die-in-the-west/) we get a red band trailer for Seth McFarlane’s _A Million Ways To Die In The West_.

Let’s watch!

Things I like:

* Red Band trailers are really the way to go with Seth McFarlane humour since it works so much better the more vulgar it is.
* I’m very happy this appears to be firmly set in “R Rated” territory for the same reason.
* Giovanni Ribisi doing the same _creepy as fuck_ drinking-a-drink-with-a-straw-while -gyrating dance he did in Ted. Nice call back there.
* Liam Neeson with his natural Irish accent. Seriously, doesn’t happen enough.

Things I’m not sure about:

* Not enough Neil Patrick Harris.
* Is every joke just someone dying?
* It’s not 30th May yet.