Awesome: PBS Ideas Channel: How Is Seeing Ender’s Game Political Action?

Ender's Game

In the lead up to the release of Ender’s Game I, like many people, struggled with whether to see it or not. I ended up going because I had a free ticket, but many people don’t have that luxury.

There are many reasons to want to and to not want to see the movie, discussions I’ve had at length with friends and colleagues over the last few months. [PBS Ideas Channel]( has now condensed the argument into one nice succinct video.

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Review: Ender’s Game

Ender's Game

Have you ever seen that one movie? You know the one, it’s based on a young adult novel and it’s starring a hot young actor alongside a few veteran adults? The one where the trailer looked pretty cool but then when you saw it you realized that they had cut _so much_ of the actually important parts of the story that the movie ended up not being very good?

Yeah I saw that movie tonight. It’s called _Ender’s Game_.

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Orson Scott Card Won’t Make Money From Ender’s Game Movie So Feel Free To See It And If You Want To Boycott Something Stop Buying His Books

Ender's Game

Good News Everyone! [The Wrap]( has learned that notorious homophobe and mysoginyst Orson Scott Card signed a deal for the movie rights to _Ender’s Game_ a decade ago and it doesn’t include any backend, meaning even if the movie makes a billion dollars Card won’t see a dime more from it.

This actually eases my mind a bit as I didn’t really want to contribute to his bank account by seeing or recommending the movie.

He does, however, still make money off the novel itself which has had a surge lately and even topped the New York Time Best Seller List for paperback fiction recently. So here’s an idea: let’s all stop buying his books.

Go to the library! Borrow a copy! Buy it used! Just don’t buy it new, or from an ebook store, or even the Marvel graphic novel adaptation because the man is an ass and doesn’t deserve your money.

And just in case you’re not sure you agree? Check out this article from [Orson Scott Card’s Long History of Homophobia]( or even just this statement he gave to Entertainment Weekly where he basically said “[now that gay rights activists are winning the argument please be tolerant of my intolerance](” should be enough to make your skin crawl.

More than a little ironic that the guy who wrote a great story that is effectively about empathy seems to have very little of it himself.