Martin Freeman to Star in Fargo Mini Series

Martin Freeman

Speaking of Martin Freeman, did you know that FX is adapting the Coen Brothers film Fargo into a 10 episode mini series? Well now you do. Good news is they’ve cast Freeman to star opposite Billy Bob Thorton in it.


> Martin Freeman will star alongside Billy Bob Thornton in FX’s limited-series adaptation of “Fargo.”

> Freeman, who also appears on the BBC’s “Sherlock,” will play Lester Nygaard, a small-town insurance salesman whose life is changed when Lorne Malvo, played by Thornton, arrives in town.

By all accounts the Coens will be on hand to help produce the mini series. I’m still not sure why this needs to happen, but I’m sure there’s a lot to explore in that story. I guess the question I have is “am I going to see anything new?” Or maybe “don’t I know how this is going to end?” Or what about “when do we get to see the wood chipper?”