Agents of Shield Teaser

Agents of SHIELD

A promo for the new Marvel Universe show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. show dropped tonight goddamn it looks good. Let’s watch!

Ok, there’s a bit to process here but here’s the broad strokes.

1. Coulson is alive and in this. How though? There’s a rumour going around that they simply faked his death in the Avengers, and if so that’ll be totally lame. There’s lots of things to explore in the Marvel Universe though, from magic to time travel to cosmic powers to life model decoys. Either way, I’m glad to see him back and he looks like he’s going to be totally bad ass.

2. Who is the clearly super powered guy jumping out of the burning building. He’s African American, wearing a hoodie and cargo pants, and that looks to be New York, so my best is on Luke Cage, but at this point it could be anyone.

3. I know Joss Whedon has his hands full developing Avengers 2 and overseeing the entire MCU at this point, but I love that’s returning to TV with this. If there’s one thing he does well, it’s episodic TV.

What do you guys think??