Holy Shit: Disney Announces A New Star Wars EVERY YEAR Starting with Episode VII

Disney Star Wars

In case you were wondering if Disney was going to beat the horse until it died and then keep on beating it some more, here’s [Adam Chitwood writing for Collider](http://collider.com/star-wars-movies-every-year-2015-disney/):

> Get ready for a whole lot of Star Wars, folks. Disney took the stage today for its presentation at CinemaCon—a convention for theater owners—in Las Vegas, and the studio made the bold announcement that it is planning on releasing a new Star Wars film into theaters every summer starting with 2015’s Star Wars: Episode VII. The studio will alternate every other year with an “Episode” film and a standalone film, and based on previous rumors there certainly won’t be a lack of characters for them to mine.

It’s strange, Disney has Marvel pumping out 2 movies a year now and I am not really worried about the quality of them. Disney says they’re going tp pump out a new Star Wars film every year and I get all worried.

This is likely because I can’t seem to forget how bad the new trilogy of movies was, or remember that a lot of the rest of new Star Wars stuff (eg: The Clone Wars series) has been pretty good.

No matter how it turns out though, this is officially a thing that is happening. Any thoughts guys?