Simon’s Best Games and Movies of 2016


2016 has been conspicuous by our absence. It almost seems strange that, in a year where everything went wrong, with so many adored artists and creators being whisked off to the afterlife, the events of the last twelve months have barely been registered on Awesome Friday.

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The Problem With Bored Ghostbusters

There’s a new Ghostbusters movie incoming, one that fills the boots of the titular paranormal exterminators with female ankles and has Bridesmaids and Spy director Paul Feig using his comedy experience to bring it all together. None of this is a problem, of course – anyone who declares that a female-led Ghostbusters won’t work is an idiot – but there could be a tonal issue with the reboot’s approach. The first cast picture from set shows Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones in uniform, lined up, looking bored.

And that could be a problem.

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It’s Official: New All Female ‘Ghostbusters’ FIlm Is Happening


There have been efforts for years to get a new Ghostbusters film off the ground and it looks like it’s finally happening. It also looks like the rumours of an all lady team are true. I mean, that’s if the director is to be believed.

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An Oral History of Ghostbusters


It’s strange to think that Ghostbusters was released 30 years ago, let alone that one of the key players in the film both in front of and behind the camera is no longer with us. The film is one of the seminal works of the 80s and of the childhoods of basically everyone I know. Esquire Magazine has put together an oral history of the movie and it’s most definitely worth reading.

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