Egon Too Soon: Harold Ramis Has Died



Harold Ramis, writer, director, comedian, and *Ghostbuster*, has died at the age of 69 from complications related to auto-immune inflammatory vasculitis.

A huge part of so many peoples’ childhoods, he rose from Toronto comedy show *Second City Television* to become an indelible part of modern movie making as Egon Spengler in *Ghostbusters* and as the writer/director of many films including the absolutely perfect *Groundhog Day*.

[i09](’s article is wonderful as it not only lauds his most obvious triumphs but, together with the commenters, draws a more detailed picture of an artist that improved everything he touched. It turns out that he was the key creator of so many of the classic comedic moments in his work.

We send our thoughts out to his family and fans. He’ll be missed.