It’s Official: New All Female ‘Ghostbusters’ FIlm Is Happening


There have been efforts for years to get a new Ghostbusters film off the ground and it looks like it’s finally happening. It also looks like the rumours of an all lady team are true. I mean, that’s if the director is to be believed.

Director Paul Feig tweeted this afternoon:

I like Paul Feig, his movies are funny and he’s had great success with female led casts. Bridesmaids is straight up hilarious, for example.

I have mixed feelings about more Ghostbusters (mostly because the second film isn’t anywhere near as good as the first) but with a new production team and a whole new cast I actually have more faith in it (because that second film didn’t have that magic despite everyone involved being in their prime).

There’s no word on a release date, or a cast, or anything else, but now that it’s official we’ll keep you up to date.