Review: Birds of Prey is a good time!

Birds of Prey

DC’s Extended Universe of films got off to a rocky start. An early focus on being grim and gritty and “realistic” a la the comics of Frank Miller along with a lot of time spent setting up a universe seemed to get in the way of making, you know, good movies. That is to say, they went too dark and they spent so much time worrying about the next movie they forgot to focus on the one they were making.

Luckily it seems that someone eventually figured this out and started letting filmmakers make the movies they want to make rather than having them conform to a predetermined aesthetic and continuity. Sometimes this has resulted in a miss (like Joker) but in recent years they have actually generated a string of fun movies (like Aquaman and Shazam!).

So how does Birds of Prey fare? As both a sequel to one of the least liked DC films and also focussing on one of the most fun characters in the DC universe it has a tough setup but I’m pleased to say it’s definitely a hit.

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This Week Behind the Scenes


@narcissusholmes - My incredible Guardians of the Galaxy makeup. See it!
@narcissusholmes – My incredible Guardians of the Galaxy makeup. See it!

One of the most fun parts of twitter is getting to see the pictures the actors take of what goes on behind the scenes.  In addition to Nick Holmes’ photo of the great makeup job on Guardians of the Galaxy here’s some of what you may have missed this week…

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