Podcast: Our Favourite Films of 2023

Greetings programs!  There is no bonus round this week, but our regular episode is double-sized, and we tackle all of our favourites of the year.  We each made a list of a dozen films; we tackled all of them, with our absolute favourites coming last. Join us!

We’ve had an excellent year making the show, and we want to thank everyone who has listened.  We’re looking forward to spending 2024 talking about movies with you!

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Streaming Links

Here is where you can digitally buy, rent, or stream all fifteen films on our best films lists.

Ed. Note: Yes, the streaming links are affiliate links, and we may receive commissions when you click. These links are powered by JustWatch and update as availability changes, so please check back later if you don’t see one! If you do not see the links, please consider turning off your adblocker or safe-listing this site.

All of Us Strangers
Anatomy of a Fall
The Creator
Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves
Godzilla Minus One
How To Blow Up A Pipeline
The Killer
Past Lives
The Royal Hotel

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