‘News of the World’ trailer: Tom Hanks in his first western

Tom Hanks, aka ‘Americas Dad’, is one of our greatest living actors and while he has starred in films from nearly every time period and tackled almost every subject you can think of, I don’t think he’s never actually made a western.

Until now, that is. Here’s the first trailer for News of the World, the new western from director Paul Greengrass.

So this looks pretty ok! Taking place just after the civil war, Hanks plays Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, an aged veteran of three wars who takes it upon himself to return Johanna, a girl taken by the First Nations Kiowa people as an infant, to her only surviving family in the world.

The trailer makes it clear that the journey will be fraught with danger from the elements and other men, and I am sure they will both grow as people as they make said journey together. It seems pretty standard, but Tom Hanks is one of our great talents, and Paul Greengrass (who previously worked with Hank on Captain Phillips) is a good director so it feels like this could be a good one.

As of now, News of the World is scheduled for a Christmas release in theatres but maybe don’t save the date just yet. Pandemic and all.