Jamie Foxx in talks to return as Electro in the next Spider-Man movie.

Yes, you read that right. Jamie Foxx, who starred as Electro in the worst Spider-Man movie is in talks to join the case of the upcoming sequel to Spider-Man: Far From Home.

How is that going to work? No idea!

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that Foxx is Int talks to come back for the Sony-Marvel co-production. The current series of films is separate from the continuity of the Andrew Garfield led films, so who knows how that’s going to work.

Sony could just be trying to force their existing films into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, but then again the next Doctor Strange movie is titled “the multiverse of madness”, so maybe characters from other continuities will be brought into the MCU. Or something.

Look, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a bad movie and Jamie Foxx was uncharacteristically not great in it, even if the blame lays mostly at the feet of the material, but he is a great actor and the news that he’ll be in another movie is good news.

Weird, though.

The next Spider-Man movie is currently set for a November 2021 release, assuming we get there.