Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Trailer Breakdown: Thoughts, some guesses, and 60+ high res ​images

A blockade runner crashing through the trees. Is it crash landing or crash taking off? Looks like the former, to me.

This wide shot of Rey standing on what looks like the ruins of the Death Star (or an imperial destroyer) under water is gorgeous, and also when you find out the water is entirely CG, impressive.

"People keep telling me they know me…"

"… no one does." Sounds like Rey is still maybe searching for something. Or maybe in denial? Either way, she looks ready to fight.

"But I do."

This shot of Kylo walking out to meet Rey is gorgeous.

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren. New duds for him too. Looking serious as ever now that he is the supreme leader of the First Order. He and Rey are obviously still connected, what does that mean for him? Is he still pining for her companionship? Or is he out for blood as she rejected him in the previous movie.

Oh my good lord just look at this space-ice-berg base. I love it.

Two different shots of this throne, accompanied by Ian McDiarmid’s Palpatine in voice over. "Long have I waited."

I’m still curious to find out if he’s a force ghost or if he survived the end of Jedi and is being kept alive by machines or what.

This shot of a star destroying breaking through water or ice? I love it.

I included this shot of the armada before the Falcon flies into frame because just look at the ships. The Ghost from Star Wars: Rebels is there on the right. I see Hammerhead corvettes from Rebels and Rogue One, Mon Calamari ships from Jedi, one of the bombers from The Last Jedi, a U-Wing from Rogue One. There’s got to be more, too. What a glorious shot.

And the Falcon comes into frame as the tip of the spear, headed to what I am assuming is the epic final battle. Just gorgeous.

And a slightly closer shot on the Falcon. That’s Chewie in the left hand seat, and I think Rey in the pilot seat.

Palpatine voice-over continues: "your coming together… "

Yeah the voice over has been a little on the nose so far, but in a good way, I think.

Either way, the smile that Rey is shooting Chewie here warms my heart. Also, with Poe and Finn in the back, this appears to not be the same scene as the armada. I mean, they could have messed with that one or this on, but it doesn’t appear to be.

More Rey and Kylo battling in the storm. Still gorgeous. I hope that it’s shot from these grand wide angles as much as possible.

I have no idea what is exploding, but it’s beautiful.

The voice-over from Palpatine is still hanging on that "your coming together…" line…….

"… is your undoing."

That’s a hell of a Palpatine line, and that’s a hell of a shot of the main weapon of the Death Star resting in the water.

Part of me hope that the excursion to the ruined Death Star is actually just the second act, and that Palpatine just gives them some information or closure or something and then they leave him behind.

The little guy working on C-3PO is called Babu Frik, and he looks amazing. I don’t know offhand if he’s a puppet or CGI animated to look like a puppet, but I love the way he looks and moves.

BB-8 has a new friend. The new droid is called D/O, and that’s basically all I know about it. Looks like maybe something that Babu Frik cobbled together?

"What are you doing there 3PO?"

The heroes assembled, plus Kerri Russell as Zorri Bliss on the left there. She looks great. I really like the mask. They’re surrounding 3PO who has the back of his head removed.

3PO: "Taking one last look, sir…."

"… at my friends."

No, you’re tearing up. That line is so perfectly delivered by Anthony Daniels. I hope that he gets something significant to do in this film other than be comic relief, and it looks like he might.

Totally guess on my part: they download him into a ship so he can do something, as they did with L3 in Rogue One.

Best friends forever.

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