Watch This: Supercut of Movie Characters Saying the Movie Title

Who doesn’t love a good supercut? Here’s one where characters in movies drop the name of the movie. It sounds silly but it’s actually pretty mesmerizing.

I am a sucker for this kinda thing. I wondered where titles like **Jurassic Park** were but the video’s creator [Roman Holiday]( addressed this in the comments on the video:

> I didn’t really detail my selection process in the video description but I wanted to avoid using titles that were simply character or location names that get said dozens of times in the film.

> Although I did make an exception for Chinatown so if I hadn’t been so keen on stopping at 150 films I might’ve let Jurassic Park get in.

Which makes sense, but I’d still kinda like to see a longer version. Then again in real life whenever I hear a movie character say the name of the movie I end up thinking of comedy duo BriTANicK’s Award Winning Movie Trailer: