Awesome: The first ‘Black Panther’ trailer is here!

Yes, I am a couple days behind on this but I was out of town. In any event the first trailer for **Black Panther** is here and it is 🔥. Let’s watch!

So much to say here but this bears saying first: the first trailer for this is a huge deal. **Black Panther** is a bug budget movie about a black superhero in which not only is the bulk of the cast black, but is also directed by a black director (**Creed**’s Ryan Coogler) and written by him and a black co-writer (Joe Robert Cole). It’s a big moment, so take a moment and appreciate it.

Also, this looks freaking _fantastic_. The action, both small and big scale, looks solid. Wakanda looks amazing with it’s futuristic skyline and flying ships but also with it’s unapologetically African design. It doesn’t just look like what Hollywood thinks African design looks like, either, which is welcome. It even looks like it doesn’t look quite so … _Marvel_ (and not just for the reasons above) which will be a welcome change for some of you.

**Black Panther** comes out on February 16th of 2018. That’s 249 days from today for those of you who are wondering.