What If ‘Man of Steel’ Was In Colour?

Posted by Matthew on April 29, 2015


Here’s that video that’s been going around for the past few days.

I have pretty mixed feelings about this. FIrst off the coloration (which isn;t “restored” just monkeyd with) presented isn’t that good. Second off while it’s kinda fun, changing the colouration of this film isn’t going to fix it’s more fundamental problems. A movie with a bleak outlook that happens to be brightly coloured is still a movie with a bleak outlook. That and it pretty much completely ignores the filmmkers intent in favour of what these guys wish it was.

I dunno. It’s kinda pretty, and kind of a fun distraction, but changing the colours in my mind almost makes the movie worse since they don’t really match up with the films tone anymore.

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