‘The Last Witch Hunter’ Trailer: Vin Diesel And A Flaming Sword of Fire!

Vin Diesel / The Last Witch Hunter

This looks totally wonderfully awful. Let’s watch!

I kind of love how Michael Caine will do just about any film he’s asked to. THe man just likes to work. I know this isn’t a revelation or anything, but I love it.

Also, did you spot Elijah Wood? And Rose Leslie?

Also also, Vin Diesel looks… old. When did that happen?

I’d like to talk about what exactly this movie is about but I don’t actually know what this movie is about. He’s a great soldier, presumably he kills witches, and persumably he goes up against a big bad witch of some kind. Who cares? This looks like it might be so bad it’s good which is one of my favourite kinds of movies so I’m now officially looking forward to October 23rd.