‘Tak3n’ Trailer: They Finally Take Something Liam Neeson Can’t Get Back

Tak3n / Liam Neeson

Because Taken was originally meant as a trilogy, right? Right?

So this movie finally full on [fridges](http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/StuffedIntoTheFridge) someone to give Liam Neeson an excuse to be badass and then he goes on the run to be badass.

Look. I have mixed feelings about this because Liam Neeson being badass is fun to watch but this is a pretty well worn trope, too. Plus did this movie really need a threequel? Also, I will laugh out loud if it turns out that the bad guy is a one armed man.

Still, Forest Whitaker is here as the guy chasing Neeson down and that’s a good thing. Sam Spruell is here as a guy with a machine gun pointed at Liam Neeson and that’s good (he’s really good at being creepy), and apparently Dougray Scott is around as the big bad and that’s good too. I sincerely hope he’s only got one arm now. Oliver Megaton is directing again with Luc Besson an Robert Mark Kamen writing.

We’ll find out if _The Fugitiv3_ _Tak3n_ any good on 9th January.