‘Tak3n’ Trailer: They Finally Take Something Liam Neeson Can’t Get Back

Tak3n / Liam Neeson

Because Taken was originally meant as a trilogy, right? Right?

So this movie finally full on fridges someone to give Liam Neeson an excuse to be badass and then he goes on the run to be badass.

Look. I have mixed feelings about this because Liam Neeson being badass is fun to watch but this is a pretty well worn trope, too. Plus did this movie really need a threequel? Also, I will laugh out loud if it turns out that the bad guy is a one armed man.

Still, Forest Whitaker is here as the guy chasing Neeson down and that’s a good thing. Sam Spruell is here as a guy with a machine gun pointed at Liam Neeson and that’s good (he’s really good at being creepy), and apparently Dougray Scott is around as the big bad and that’s good too. I sincerely hope he’s only got one arm now. Oliver Megaton is directing again with Luc Besson an Robert Mark Kamen writing.

We’ll find out if The Fugitiv3 Tak3n any good on 9th January.