‘The Connection’ Trailer: Jean Dujardin Hunts The French Connection in France

The Connection

Everyone has seen _The French Connection_. Based on a true crime story it involves US cops led by Gene Hackman hunting down drugs which come in from France. Now we get to see Jean Dujardin hunting down the criminals from the French side and it looks like it might be great.

What is it about crime dramas set in the 1970s? Seriously, I think it might be the best decade to set crime dramas in. The style, the tone, the frustrating _”man we are so close to having useful technology”_.

Jean Dujardin is a hell of an actor and this is a pretty cool true crime story so Ill be on the lookout for it. IT premiered at TIFF this month and has a December release date in France but no word on a North American release yet.

Here’s the synopsis.

> Marseille. 1975. Pierre Michel, a young magistrate with a wife and children, has just been transferred to help with the crackdown on organized crime. He resolves to take on the French Connection, a mafia-run operation that exports heroin the world over. Paying heed to no one’s warnings, he leads a one-man campaign against mafia kingpin Gaetan Zampa, the most untouchable godfather of them all. The European flipside to William Friedkin’s The French Connection, Cédric Jimenez’s The Connection is also inspired by true events.