Confirmed: Antoine Fuqua is Directing Denzel Washington in ‘The Magnificent Seven’ Remake

Denzel Washington

Remember we [told you a few months ago that this might happen]( Well it’s happening.

[Variety reports]( in passing that _Magnificent Seven_ will be the next team up for the pair whose current film, _The Equalizer_ is doing so well in festivals that a sequel is already in the works.

There’s bound to be some people who aren’t too happy with a classic being remade but _The Magnificent Seven_ is fact a remake of _Seven Samurai_, and has been remade over an over and over again (a group of heroes from different backgrounds band together to fight off a villain and his many nameless henchmen, sound familiar Marvel fans?).

Ultimately movies like this are going to be remade so maybe we should just hope that the remakes are good. Right? Right.