PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games With Gold: September’s Free Games


Want some new games? Of course you do. Check out September’s offerings for the two competing subscription services.

PlayStation Plus

Velocity 2x (PS4, PS Vita)

Awesome start. One of my most-wanted games is going to be free on day of release. Teleporting shapeship shooting combined with *Metroid* exploration by way of *Vanquish*. My Vita’s been itching for this since the first trailer was released:

Sportsfriends (PS4, PS3)

A title I was really close to buying a month ago, *Sportsfriends* has a reputation for being a great party game that’s an absolute blast with a group of players. Can’t wait to dust off the Move controller (supported but not required) and try it out.

PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale (PS3, PS Vita)

Well, there’s no denying that the main draw for the PS3 this month is a bit of a damp squib. Thrown together in an attempt to emulate Nintendo’s famous character fighter, there’s no co-incidence that *Super Smash Bros* is just around the corner for WiiU and 3DS. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t have the fun or focus of that title, but it may be enjoyable for a few rounds.

Hoard (PS3)

A virtual strategic board game where you play a destructive dragon? Oh, go on then.

Joe Danger (PS Vita)

The first game made by Hello Games, whose upcoming *No Man’s Sky* is the talk of the town, this is an arcade bike racer that is equal parts *Trials* and *Sonic The Hedgehog*. It’s never really clicked for me, but could be a fun little title to have on the go.

TxK (PS Vita)

Another update to the *Tempest* formula by creator Jeff Minter, it’s a showy arcade blaster but with a control scheme that I’ve never been able to settle into. You may enjoy it more.


Xbox Games With Gold

Crimson Dragon (Xbox One)

An Xbox One launch game that unfortunately failed to sell the machine. Still, flying dragons shooting fire is always fun (unless it’s *Lair*).

Super Time Force (Xbox One)

Now, this is a title I really wish I was able to play. A beautifully pixellated 2D shooter that combines *Metal Slug* with *Doctor Who*. Yes please.

Halo: Reach (Xbox 360)

It was a Bungie *Halo* game, sure, but it sacrificed the charm of *ODST* and the energy of *Halo: Combat Evolved* for a gritty story about the destruction of Mankind’s outpost at the hands of the Covenant, set just before the very first game. Worth ploughing through if only for the space combat level and, as ever, Marty O’Donnell’s superb music.

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine (Xbox 360)

A top-down jaunty heist game that’s had some extremely good reviews. Well-designed and apparently beautifully scored, this is another title that I look forward to trying.