Ant-Man Is Officially In Production, More Cast Members Revealed

Ant Man

Good news everyone! Marvel’s _Ant-Man_ is officially in production and they’ve announced a bunch of people to the cast!

Most notably John Slattery has been added to the cast. Slattery has already made an appearance in the Marvel Universe; he played Howard Stark in Iron Man 2. Pretty much that means that part of the film will be a flashback with Hank Pym meeting Howard Stark, which could be awesome. Hopefully they hate each other so that there’s some built in animosity for when Ant-Man finally meets Iron Man,

Other new additions include Michael Pena who is reliably good, and Bobby Cannavale who is also reliably good.

Interestingly the press release (linked below) makes no mention of Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish, both of whom exited the production earlier this year. The script has been re-written however their plot outline reportedly remains intact. Figuring out how to assign credit for the film must be an interesting task for the WGA but you can pretty much rest assured that Wright and Cornish will get a “Story By” credit.

I still think that Peyton Reed is a good choice as a director too. For nerds like me this production will always be under the shadow of “what if Edgar Wright?” but at this point I’m just going to stay cautiously optimistic and hope for the best.

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