Relativity Orders A ‘November Man’ Sequel A Week Before ‘November Man’ Is Released(And Here’s A Poster, Too)

The November Man

Relativity certainly has some confidence in their next Pierce Brosnan spy movie. They’ve already ordered a sequel despite despite it not yet being in cinemas.

This makes some sense if you think about it. Everyone wants a film franchise these days and this has all the makings of one: it’s based on a popular book series, it has a great star in Pierce Brosnan, and it looks like the first movie might be some kind of awesome.

Still it’s weird that they’ve ordered a sequel into development a full week before the movie even hits cinemas. It shows they have confidence in the property for sure but I bet if The November Man flops plans for November Man 2 will quietly be shelved. Similar to how a sequel to The Mortal Instruments was ordered before that film his theaters but then when it bombed hard that plans stopped being talked about.

Either way The November Man is out next week and I’m looking forward to it. Here’s a poster for that film.

The November Man

(source: Coming Soon)