Big Hero 6 Trailer: Disney + Marvel + Animation = Smash Hit?

Big Hero 6

Disney Animation Studios has had a bit of a resurgence lately and this fall they’re pretty much going to cement the idea that they are the Disney of animation again with this collaboration with Marvel because both of those names plus a movie that looks like it might be great are going to be mean dolla dolla bills yo.

Or whatever the kids these days are saying. Let’s watch!

Go ahead and mark _7th November_ on your calendar because this looks positively great. The animation is amazing, the idea of “San Fransokyo” looks well executed, Baymax looks hilarious, and it appears that the studios may have once again found the magic mix of _fid friendly_ and _smart jokes for adults_ which really make animated films generate said dolla dolla bills.

November is ways off yet so we’ll more than likely have another trailer or two between now and then. we’ll keep you updated.