Horns Teaser Trailer + Poster: Daniel Radcliffe Is A Bad Guy Maybe

Daniel Radcliffe / Horns

I really like Daniel Radcliffe because he refuses to be pigeonholed as Harry Potter for the rest of this life and keeps taking new roles in new genres, testing his limits and skill as an actor. Put succinctly: I don’t think we’re going to be rid of him any time soon. Horns is one of his new different weird projects in which he plays a guy who grows a pair of horns and is suspected of committing a grisly murder. Let’s watch!

This shows basically nothing but it does have some effective imagery and Radcliffe himself looks…. well he looks like he’s starring in a horror movie and that’s a good thing.

Here’s the teaser poster:


And here’s a synopsis:

> Ignatius William Perrish wakes up bleary and confused after a night of drinking and “doing terrible things” to find he has grown horns. In addition to being horribly unsightly, these inflamed protuberances give Ig an equally ugly power–if he thinks hard enough, he can make people admit things (intimate, embarrassing, I-can’t-believe-you-just-said-that details). This bizarre affliction is of particular use to Ig, who is still grieving over the murder of his childhood sweetheart (a grisly act the entire town, including his family, believes he committed).

_Horns_ is set for release on Hallowe’en night this fall. It’s directed by Alexandre Aja, who also directed _The Hills Have Eyes_ and _Piranha 3D_ among others.