What If Trailer: Daniel Radcliffe In Zoe Kazan’s Friend Zone

What If

Daniel Radcliffe’s first rom-com! How sweet!

There’s not a lot here that looks like it’s going to be terribly shocking. Just from the trailer I am going to guess that we’ll get such scenes as “protagonist runs through city streets and/or airport to tell love interest that he does indeed love her before she departs for far away lands” and “protagonist uses speech at public event/best man speech at weird best friends wedding to talk about love and love interest realizes he’s talking about her“, and more than likely “love interests ex boyfriend punches protagonist because love interest has broken up with him clearly because of protagonist but isn’t actually with protagonist yet/has left for far away lands because protagonist is seeing someone else” but you know what? I don’t think I care.

The cast is enough to get my butt in a seat, particularly Adam Driver who seems perfectly suited to playing the weird friend and Radcliffe because I actually like Daniel Radcliffe and I like how he’s branching out into other genres to, you know, not be typecast.

What If is out 1st August in America and since it’s an indie film will likely be delayed in Canada, maybe to the 22 August UK release date.

Here’s a banner from, of all places, Glamour Magazine UK:

What If