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Review: ‘The War of the Worlds’ is a thoughtful, Edwardian adventure

Posted by Matthew on October 20, 2019
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War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds is a classic story that has been adapted numerous times. Whether your favourite is the Orson Welles radio drama, the Tom Cruise/Steven Spielberg adaptation, or Independence Day this is clearly a story you’ve seen before.

What’s interesting though is that despite the many adaptations there are precious few that take place within the time frame of the original written story. Which is one of the two refreshing changes with this thoughtful adaptation of the story produced by the BBC and airing on T+E in Canada.

If you’re expecting an action blockbuster I’m telling you that you should temper those expectations right now, this adaptation is a thoughtful slow burn more concerned with the effect the invasion would have than the invasion itself. That is to say, it’s pretty good.

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Review: ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ actually kinda sorta works

Posted by Matthew on July 04, 2018
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Jurassic Park is a great movie. More than that, it is one of my favourite movies. You can debate its quality if you like –I know that plenty of people rank it in the middle of Spielberg’s filmography– but for me it is the film that made me believe in movie magic. I feel it’s important that you know this going into this review, and that you also know that none of the films in the rest of the franchise come close to recapturing that original magic, and that includes this one.

This one at least tries to do something new and different, so that’s something.

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What If Trailer: Daniel Radcliffe In Zoe Kazan’s Friend Zone

Posted by Matthew on June 02, 2014
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What If

Daniel Radcliffe’s first rom-com! How sweet!

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