Watch This: ‘History Cops’ Fake Trailer From ‘The Lego Movie’ Blu-Ray

History Cops

_The Lego Movie_ is out on Blu-Ray next week and in anticipation the studio has released one of the special features, a hilarious fake trailer for a movie I’d totally watch called “History Cops” starring Michelangelo and Abraham Lincoln.

“The nation’s number one abolishonist , of _crime_.” Amazing. I kind of love that all the people involved with _The Lego Movie_ clearly loves Lego, and clearly must have played with a lot of Lego while they were making it. Like I said above, I’d totally arch this movie.

If you bought _The Lego Movie_ on iTunes when it [became available last month]( you may have already seen this but it’s totally worth a link now.

If you don’t have your iTunes copy or haven’t pre-ordered your BD copy of The Lego Movie [you can do so here](”).