Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Trailer Is Actually Kinda Good

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For / Eva Green

I’m officially hoping that this is good. Or at least so bad it’s good.

Is someone able to tell me if this trailer is advertising a sequel or a prequel or a sequel-prequel? It looks like characters I know to be dead are front and centre, but it slap shows Jessica Alba having flashbacks of the characters I know to be dead. I do kinda like the style of it still and it looks like they’ve gotten better at that, and I like the idea of the different narratives coming together for a team up at the end (which is what looks like will happen) rather than a straight up anthology like the first film.

There’s a ton of actors I like in this too, so that’s a plus. Then again seeing this means supporting Frank Miller and I have mixed feelings about that at best.

_Sin City: A Dame To Kill For_ is out 22 August so we’ll find out how all this shakes out then.