‘Life After Beth’ Trailer + Posters: What Do You Want To Eat?

Life After Beth

Dane DeHaan is in love with Zombie Aubrey Plaza

This seems like it might be a good idea and the cast is pretty stellar. Aubrey Plaza is hilarious and John C. Reilly is a genius. Add in Molly Shannon and Paul Reiser and you’ve got some serious comedy chops on your hands. Dane DeHaan? I used to have a lot of confidence in him as he was great in Chronicle and in The Place Beyond The Pines but he was god awful in Amazing Spider-Man 2. I’m hoping for great but I honestly couldn’t tell you how I think this is going to go. The trailer is funny but are all the best mounts in the trailer? Always hard to tell with indie fare like this.

Life After Beth is going into limited release on 15th August. No word yet on wide release or VOD release. Below are the first two posters for the film.

Life After Beth / Dane DeHaan

Life After Beth /  Aubrey Plaza