‘Life After Beth’ Trailer + Posters: What Do You Want To Eat?

Life After Beth

Dane DeHaan is in love with Zombie Aubrey Plaza

This seems like it might be a good idea and the cast is pretty stellar. Aubrey Plaza is hilarious and John C. Reilly is a genius. Add in Molly Shannon and Paul Reiser and you’ve got some serious comedy chops on your hands. Dane DeHaan? I used to have a lot of confidence in him as he was great in _Chronicle_ and in _The Place Beyond The Pines_ but he was god awful in _Amazing Spider-Man 2_. I’m hoping for great but I honestly couldn’t tell you how I think this is going to go. The trailer is funny but are all the best mounts in the trailer? Always hard to tell with indie fare like this.

_Life After Beth_ is going into limited release on 15th August. No word yet on wide release or VOD release. Below are the first two posters for the film.

Life After Beth / Dane DeHaan

Life After Beth /  Aubrey Plaza