Andrew Stanton Tweets About ‘John Carter’ Franchise That Might Have Been

John Carter

Remember _John Carter_? It was made for millions of dollars, was the live action directorial debut of Andrew Stanton, and Disney hoped it would launch a new franchise. It didn’t make any money though and so the franchise to be was put on hold.

Now director Andrew Stanton has tweeted about where things would have gone.

You may have seen us retweet these the other day.

There’s a lot to say here but mainly I think Disney failed the project in a lot of ways. Allowing the budget to be astronomically high (so high the movie would have had to clear 600$ million at the box office to break even apparently) and then marketing it entirely wrong (the film should have been called _John Carter **of Mars**_ for example, that way people might have actually equated it with the classic novel series).

Whether you liked it or not (I honestly can’t remember what I thought of it) it’s always a shame when a classic fails at the box office, and a new franchise could have been achieved. Say what you will but as far as I am concerned more SciFi is better, and John Carter isn’t really like anything else.

Plus, the first movie was based on the first book of _eleven_ so there was lots of thing that could have been adapted (and updated because the books themselves are just _full_ of sexism and racism you find in novels from the 1910s).

These tweets pretty much solidify the notion that the movies will never happen now. Not surprising because Disney has the Marvel Universe and Star Wars to print cash for them now. Still, with all that money rolling it it’d be nice to see them take another chance on John Carter of Mars.

Doubt it’ll happen though.