Guardians of the Galaxy Posters for Drax and Star Lord!

Guardians of the Galaxy

Two new posters today. And here I thought they were going to drag this out as long as possible!

Today’s releases come via [JoBlo](

First is Drax:

Guardians of the Galaxy / Chris Pratt

So this is ok. Drax is a bit broody, but then again his family has been killed so you might be too. Plus his knives look bad ass.

Guardians of the Galaxy / Dave Bautista

This is kind of boring though. It’s generic, he doesn’t have any swagger at all (seems like [Gamora gets all that on the posters]( or anything that suggests he’s anything more than a guy with a gun. A cool looking gun, but just a guy with a gun. Also, it’s pretty much [exactly the same pose as on the last group poster](

There’s still two more days to go this week so that presumably means two more posters at least. Here’s hoping we get a good look at some villains.

_Guardians of the Galaxy_ is out 1st August.