And So Here’s The Trailer For Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

CoD Kevin Spacey

Hang on, I just need to set my watch by the *Call Of Duty* release schedule. Activision has just released the first full trailer for *CoD Advanced Warfare*, their latest entry in the FPS juggernaut due out as usual in November of this year.

“But how can we make people care about this one?”, scream the marketers.

Two words: Kevin. Spacey.

Little more interested now?

So, what can we expect, then? It looks like the jump to the new generation of consoles hasn’t really been used as brand refreshment, more like the same old Michael Bay obsessed BOOM BOOM BOOM of events flying past your ears but with shinier pixels. Of course, this may be no bad thing if it turns out to have the variety and tension of *CoD 4: Modern Warfare*, but [CoD: Ghosts]( showed what happens when the story fails to engage, leaving the rough skeleton of a bland FPS to flounder. Also, the move to near-future equipment and abilities brings it within foot-stepping distance of Respwan’s *Titanfall*, and of course that’s no coincidence. We’ll just have to wait and see how much is original and how much an obvious attempt to steal some of Respawn’s thunder.

Anyway, even if the game flops completely, we’ll have a dead-eyed Kevin Spacey doll sprouting a cliched script and scowling deliciously with every word. That’s worth the entry fee alone.

We’ll learn more at E3 in June, I’m sure.