Wish I Was Here Trailer + Poster: The Indiest Indie Film

Wish I Was Here

Zach Braff has made another movie and it checks off all the Indie Movie check boxes. Let’s watch!

I don’t mean to imply this looks bad, just that it looks like every other indie movie. Shots of characters reacting to things? Check. Shots of main character in a strange alternate setting? Check. Shot of sick old man comforting younger character? Check. Shots of characters smiling? Check. Don’t really tell me anything? Check. Set to uplifting song I had to Shazam to figure out the name of? Check.

So basically, I don’t quite know what to make of this beyond that it looks like it indulges a bunch of indie stereotypes. Hopefully I am wrong (and from doing a bit of goggling around from festival reactions, it looks like I might be).

Also, this is the last film completely by Uncle Phil James Avery before he died, so there is that.

_Wish I Was Here_ gets its wide release on July 25th in the US, and since it’s an indie film that probably means it comes out sometime in August or September in Canada.

Also also, here is the poster.

Wish I Was Here