Updated: Kingsman: The Secret Service Poster + Trailer: Very British Spy Closet

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Colin Firth starring, Matthew Vaughan directed movie about a master spy recruiting and teaching a new young spy? Yup.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

The poster doesn’t show much but the basic premise is that suave gentleman spy Jack (Firth) takes his Chavez nephew Gary (Egerton) under his wing. With Vaughan involved its bound to be a good film so I’m on board. I actually really like the image of the perfectly organized spy closet too. Very … Well very British.

Apparently Vaughan and Mark Millar came up with the idea for the story over some drunken pub conversations, admittedly the best kind of pub conversations, about how they missed the type of spy films they grew up with. Colin Firth also apparently had the time of his life making the movie too so all this bodes well.

Oh, and Michael Caine is the head of the secret service because of course he is.

_Kingsman: The Secret Service_ comes out 24th October.

**UPDATE** And there’s a trailer:

This movie looks like fun but the trailer makes it also seem maybe slightly predictable? I dunno, maybe I just watch too many trailers. Then again, polite English gentlemen spies vs. crass American villain played by Samuel L Jackson? Yeah I’ll watch that.